Dorset Police being held to account on behaviours

Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) David Sidwick comments on the recent Casey Report in to Police failings.

“As you will be aware the Casey Report makes for grim reading, but in many ways the findings of the report are unsurprising given the headlines about the Metropolitan Police we have seen over a considerable time period.

“I have made my feelings clear on the matter very publicly over the last few months – most recently at the Police and Crime Panel.

“To reassure you – I am holding Dorset Police to account on this issue. I have sent a formal PCC challenge to the new Chief Constable which asks for answers to 13 questions surrounding police misconduct, vetting, counter corruption, organisational culture as well as questions on misogyny, racism and homophobic behaviours in policing. I can assure you that the ongoing scrutiny of the work, professionalism, culture and ethics of Dorset Police will continue to be robust and without compromise.

“Following discussions with the new Chief Constable I am reassured that any officer misconduct of any sort will be dealt with robustly and swiftly. No sanction will be off the table including pension forfeiture.

“Whilst I believe and hope that we do not have the out and out serious criminality reported in the Met, we cannot guarantee that we do not have people who display misogynistic, racist or sexist behaviours and these will need to be dealt with accordingly. I have been very clear that the relentless pursuit of criminality needs to be inside the Force as well as outward facing and that there is absolutely no place in policing for people who abuse their position and betray the public’s trust.

“Having said all of the above, the majority of officers perform in an exemplary manner, keeping us all safe and it is the likes of PC Aaron Harvey (who required leg surgery after breaking up a fight) and PC Roz Fricker (who was given a bravery award for tackling a thug with a hammer) that we need to remember.”

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