Rogue trader in Dorchester caught damaging roof tiles

The culprits knocked on the door of a house in Dorchester and told  he homeowner that they had seen a problem with the roof.

The men were given access to the roof before causing damage by removing tiles.

A neighbour spotted  what was happening and alerted the victim before he paid the men posing as experienced roofers.

Police were also alerted.

A Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) made a follow-up safeguarding visit to the victim, who has since had the roof properly repaired.

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said: “Rogue traders knocked on the door of a property in Dorchester.

“They advised the resident that they had seen a problem with their roof, the trusting resident allowed the men access to the roof and it is believed that they caused damage by removing tiles.

“Luckily a kind proactive neighbour observed what was happening and intervened before money was passed over.

A PCSO made a follow up safeguarding visit to the victim who has since had the roof repaired by a reputable tradesman.”

The incident is reported to have taken place in Dorchester sometime between Monday, February 19 and Friday, February 23, according to the Dorchester Neighbourhood Policing Team.

The force, together with Trading Standards, recommends  not dealing with doorstep traders, instead using recommendations from families or friends or using Trading Standards’ Buy with Confidence Scheme.

The spokesman added: “Ensure you know your consumer rights including being given a written quote and offered a 14 day cooling off period.”

If you receive an unexpected call at your door from someone offering to do work, follow the below advice:

* Always remember to put the chain on the door before opening it

* Do not phone any telephone number provided by the caller, it could be bogus

* Always check the caller’s identity by phoning the number in the telephone book. Shut the door and get them to wait outside. A genuine caller will be happy to wait

* Never agree to any work offered on the doorstep, no matter how urgent the caller says it is

* Always get three quotes for work and if possible get recommendations from family and friends

* Never pay cash upfront.

* A trader must provide you with cancellation rights in writing

* If you are concerned or intimidated by a caller at your door then call Dorset Police on 999.

More details can be found at the website 

Members of the public are urged to report any Rogue Traders to Dorset Police and Trading Standards at

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